January 04, 2012

I finally ordered some type! BUT IT’S ONLY IN CAPS. AndIhavenospaces. shit.

letterpress type

But I do have some pre-cut business cards laying around, and a bunch of writer friends, so for you guys, I’m going to build a vocabulary card set. Wednesday is now officially the day I letterpress the word of the week. And for our lead-off word we have:

Letterpress Composing Stick

noun Slang
a clever, unscrupulous person.


The Political Dictionary defines a snollygoster as a politician who will go to any lengths to win public office, regardless of party affiliation or platform.

If you know anything more about the roots and meanings of snollygoster, or have a word to suggest, let me know and I’ll add it to my letterpress vocabulary list.

snollygoster, letterpress word

  • Todd

    Vomitous – something (or someone) that makes you want to vomit!